Caught Up in the Safety Net 2

Behind the song and the artwork   I’d like to open up to you all and share some things about the song “Safety Net”, and its coinciding artwork.  But first, an ancient quote:   “Just to say ‘I believe’ or ‘I do not doubt’ does not mean that you understand and see.  To force oneself […]

A lot to learn

A Lot To Learn

“A Lot To Learn” is the second song of our “12 in 14″ series.  We don’t have many love songs, but this one definitely qualifies.  It’s about loving someone so much that you can’t bare the thought of not sharing life’s greatest experiences with them.  So download, listen, and hug somebody you care about. Love, […]

Enhance your Super Bowl experience with these wild tips 1

Super Bowl Sunday affects all of us differently. Some of us will be rooting our own teams on hoping to feel that connection and the sense of accomplishment that comes when you’ve seen your own team win a championship (or – at least that’s my understanding – I should mention that I’m a Cleveland fan, […]



Peace and Love Still Have the Upper Hand 1

As a Nation we have reserved this day to honor and respect Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the definition of a brave, uncompromising leader who greatly affected the course of an entire country.  While a lot of us were not here to witness the Civil Rights Movement firsthand, there’s no doubt that we are living […]

5 Ways to Combat the Winter Blues 6

As someone who was born n’ raised in Northwest Ohio, I’m very familiar with the “mood slump” accompanying a long, cold, and dark winter.  This is officially my 24th January, and every year I am filled with a familiar longing to hibernate and escape the harsh reality outside my front door. There is good news. […]


Last of the Wildmen

The 12 in ’14 Campaign

My name is Jimmie, and I want to share a little more with you about the “12 in ’14″ campaign.  Every single month of 2014, we will release a new single that you can download for FREE. We’re putting our best foot forward in the writing, production, and recording of these songs, and it’s exciting […]

February 2012 Tour – “Day 5″

Day 5 is somehow not even the halfway point of our trip, which has us all quite happy. Here’s hoping the second half goes as well as the first. So we woke up Monday morning bright and early and made the long trip back down the mountain (which Jimmie’s brakes did not seem to enjoy), […]

Last of the Wildmen


February 2012 Tour – “Day 4″

Day 4. Today we were reminded of why we do what we do. Over the last several months we’ve sacrificed financial stability, we’ve sacrificed time with friends, and we’ve sacrificed time spent in front of the glowing square box in our living room because you only get one chance to live a life that has […]

February 2012 Tour – “Day 3″

Hey guys…this is Ben (friend of the band/the closest thing they could get to a tour manager), and they’ve asked me to write this post today either because they trust me or because they just didn’t feel like doing it. J So day 3 began at our friend Jon Sparks’ house, and it was really […]

Last of the Wildmen

Last of the Wildmen

February 2012 Tour – “Day 2″

Day 2 was a refreshing day off. We got to sleep in, make coffee, and execute whatever plans came to mind.  Our day officially started with a trip to the post office.  It’s encouraging to us to have merch orders to ship while on tour.  Thanks Erik Schmidt for ordering a copy of our record!  […]

February 2012 Tour – “Day 1″

Yesterday we embarked on our first Wildmen tour. This is a very exciting trip because it is the first time we will be taking our music to listeners outside of our home area. So with much anticipation, we awoke at 6am on 3 hours of sleep, packed the car, and headed south on a 8 […]

Last of the Wildmen